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5 Eco Friendly Home Décor Ideas


Decorating a home is a fun and exciting experience and if you’re a new home owner who is thrilled to get started with decorating your new home, you should definitely be thrilled about it because there’s so many ways in which you can spice up the look of your home.

However, it is also important to keep the environment in mind when putting together everything in your home and decorating the space. Keeping the environment safe and opting for eco friendly options when decorating your home is also something that you should be mindful of.

If you’re somebody who is keen about learning how you can decorate your home in an eco friendly manner, we have some insight that will definitely help you maintain an eco friendly space that is decorated in an eco friendly manner.

Go With Bamboo

If you’re concerned about the type of materials used in various home décor items or even major components such as flooring, we always encourage folks to opt for bamboo flooring as it is very durable but also doesn’t contribute as negatively to the environment as some of these other types of materials and flooring does.

You can use bamboo floorboards in geelong. Also consider bamboo when buying other items such as home décor pieces as it helps reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Upcycle Old Things

Instead of throwing away old furniture items or trinkets that you have been using for decorative purposes, you should look into up cycling them or revamping them by giving them a new look and fixing whatever is broken.

If you’re a creative person, taking on this project wouldn’t be too challenging for you. Upcycling old items are definitely the way to go.

Go For The Classics

If you try to stay trendy and do whatever is in right now, chances are, you’re going to have to redecorate your home every six months so in order to avoid this, we advise you to stick to timeless and classic styles when it comes to decorating a space.

Regardless of whether it’s the color palette or the type of furniture that you invest in, it is always a good idea to buy something that you think will still be relevant and trendy in another couple of years instead of just making a flashy debut and fading into the background.

Go Energy Efficient

If you’re still using the same microwave from three years back, its high time that you invest in a new appliance but also do so with energy efficiency in mind. One of the best ways to live an eco friendly life is to have energy efficient appliances in the household.

If you’re somebody who wants to cut down the electricity bill and also contribute positively towards the environment, you should gradually begin to switch to appliances that are green and energy efficient. Energy efficient appliances use up less energy and this conserves the energy and prevents more and more green house gasses from being released into the environment.

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