Business — October 25, 2022 at 12:53 pm

Tips for Taking Care of Your Lawn


Outdoor areas need a lot of maintenance and your lawn is one of the first things people see when they come to visit. So keeping it organized and carrying out the required maintenance ensures an improved curb appeal. But there are companies that you can select to carry out this maintenance on your behalf if you don’t have much time for it.

For beginners who want to keep their lawn neat, one of the first things to do is remove weeds. Weeds can grow all over the lawn if left untended and it can actually overcome your lawn in a short time. And weeding one time will not help; this is something you have to do routinely. Weeds can be brought to the garden in so many ways such as birds bringing in seeds, seeds being stuck to the fur of pets or your clothes etc. However, with regular weed removal, you will be able to bring down the population of weeds somewhat and reduce your workload over time. For best effects, you have to pull out the weed from the roots. You can do this with your hands and there are also gardening tools you can use for this. But if you have a large property that has been overtaken by weeds, the easiest option will be to use a herbicide with low toxicity.

You also need to improve drainage in the yard to prevent it from becoming waterlogged after heavy rain. Drainage problems occur when the permeability of soil is poor. You can aerate the soil to improve water and airflow. You can also change the nature of soil by adding organic materials. The shape of your garden should be formed in such a way that water can naturally slope away from the house without pooling in one area. You can use drains to deal with waterlogging. A gardening maintenance task that you will have to do now and then is aerating the soil. This is a good way of dealing with waterlogged areas. You will have to make small holes in the soil at certain depths and intervals using tools. You can do this to the entire garden or only do it in areas where it is especially needed.

There can be organic matter such as dead leaves and grass building up between the soil and the plant which can block the majority of nutrients and water from reaching the roots. This is commonly known as thatch. Thatched areas are quite spongy and you will see dead patches on the lawn as a result. You will need to start raking to remove thatch. If there are areas with high moisture and a lot of shade in your lawn, it creates ideal conditions for moss and you will not see any grass growing in it. If your lawn is looking a little worn out, you can cover the lawn with a mixture of fertiliser and seeds. This will fill out the areas in the lawn that are looking a bit too thin and it will also act to prevent weeds and moss growth.


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