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Tips for Proper Whipper Snipping


Everybody likes a tidy, well-groomed lawn. Though mowers do the majority of grass trimming and cutting, they can’t reach every bit of your yard. This is where the whipper snipper fits in. Whipper snippers provide users with a more accurate cutting and enable access to delicate areas (e.g., between flower beds, young plants and hard-to-reach locations. It’s your device to give your walkway a smooth edge to tidy it up underneath the deck, and to cut the grass along the fence.

Whipper snippers are extremely useful tools for gardening, but they are also one of the most dangerous power tools. The spinning heads and the rigid string alone can cause serious damage, not to forget dust and debris floating all over the place. But if you follow our basic safety measures, you can use a whipper snipper easily and securely without any worry.

First thing’s first

Before utilizing a whipper snipper, do some proper operational research to optimize your protection and efficiency. Check out the forecast for the day. If it just rained, or if there’s chance of rain, wait another day. In practice, trimming in rainy weather is a terrible idea. One, you may accidentally fall while the whipper snaps, injures you, or ruins the snipper. And two, damp grass is much harder to cut, causing the whipper snipper to make more of an effort, which can ultimately lead to engine problems.

Make a fast sweep and rid the yard of any tiny sharp objects, cables, or items that might be flung by a whipper snipper. Line trimmers as they are also known as can fly projectiles up to 40 feet, and projectile going everywhere is a sure disaster waiting to happen.

It is also best to purchase a cordless whipper snipper to avoid all the cable troubles.

Safety first

Often wear protective equipment to provide you with an additional layer of security from shrapnel. Basic safety protection includes earmuffs, face masks, goggles, full duty work gloves, and long trousers and sleeves. Flying sand, dirt, and other debris can cause injury not only to you, but also to others.

Be aware of the situation

Keep at least 50ft from the closest human or animal. If necessary, get someone to secure the edge. Look out again for individuals (particularly kids) and pets that might be drawn to the sound. Switch off the whipper snipper instantly if you see someone coming or walking around and until they’re gone.

Adjust the line trimmer

Some trimmer models come with shoulder belts to help you hold the weight of the machine while holding it at a safe range while other snippers have grips that can be modified. Either way, be sure that you make the right height changes so that you can easily and securely cut using a whipper snipper.

Never Fast and Furious

Set the speed of the whipper only high enough for appropriate cutting results. Using the snipper faster can lead to more vibration and noise without added gain, and a shorter life expectancy. Medium to mid-high speed is adequate for much of the whipper snipping. Reserve the full throttle option for cutting a rough brush.


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