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The Right Type of Mattress


One of the simplest yet complex topics ever executed. We all know that along with other things mattresses also expire. And can harm us if we don’t replace it accordingly.  If the mattress is old enough than seven years, it’s time to check if it is still giving you comfort or back pains. A good mattress helps to relieve joint and body pressure, in simple terms it doesn’t cause pains. As your mattress becomes older it loses its capability to give you the relaxing sleep you require.

This doesn’t happen at once, it will happen slowly and you will realize once the pains appear frequently. It could be anything, your shoulders feel tense, your pain is aching so bad, you can’t find the perfect position, your hips are killing you or you wake up exhausted. If you’re smart and your mattress is older than 7, then you’ve figured it out.

Now that it’s decided, it’s time to find you a new bedmate aka mattress. You might not understand what you want right away and that is why you must read further.  Picking a mattress is very subjective, only you can tell which mattress is for you.

Start exploring to get that perfect sleep.

Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress uses a support system made of steel coil. There are plenty of spring systems, spring shapes, designs, coil gauges, and several coils. These numbers vary from mattress to mattress.  These inner springs are covered by upholstery materials or padding which can include different types of foams, fibers, and even additional small steel springs. In simple, more springs mean more support for the sleeper. You can also get an innerspring queen mattress in a box.

Pillow-Top Mattress

Pillow top mattresses have an additional layer of padding sewn on top of the mattress, almost as though pillows were sewn on top of it. This layer can be made using a variety of foam and fiber materials. Imagine pairing soft mattresses along with the best pillows Australia, a heavenly combination.

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a comfortable combination of a steel coil support system with more than one type of foam or latex.

Specialty Foam Mattress

Specialty foam mattresses consume one or more sorts of foam to strengthen the support system. The foam can be memory, latex, polyurethane and Contains gels and other resources. The foam can be produced in a range of densities and shapes to offer relief, sense and heat features.

Memory Foam (Viscoelastic) Mattress

A mattress manufactured using high-density polyurethane foam to act as a support system, in the upholstery layer.  The foam helps the sleeper to sleep comfortably as it takes the shape of the sleeper.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattress uses latex foams as a support system, in the upholstery layer. Latex can be made from both plant or petroleum-based materials,

An aching back is the most prominent signs to start the break up process with your mattress. So the minute your back sends a signal to you, it’s time to get into action. Remember your mattress must provide both comfort and support to your body.

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