Business — September 2, 2021 at 8:22 am

The Art of Box Framing


Making the time freeze is what most people wish for, which is in reality considered impossible. Akin to this thought, means were created to make it likely. Capturing an object and display it in a way that it tells its story to any person who looks at it was the key goal. This effort lead straight to the world of framing. Which started as just displaying a monument on the main wall with a basic boxed frame evolved to it having different patterns and materials. Framing is simply done by attaching the sought article in a board, add a framing glass on top of it, secure it all by a frame, and mould it all together.

In this object oriented world, people shows interest in what is being showed than what is being said. This cannot be something which is to be blamed. Through stilling a memory through framing, one can simply enjoy an occurrence long gone and still enjoy it just like being present at that time. You might be surprised to hear that even some degradable objects can be preserved and be put into a box frame. It would have been something bizarre to even think about in the past, but with the way the world is evolving predictions are most likely to become real.

Make your memories exist

Box framing is most suitable to frame three-dimensional objects, which of course includes photos and possessions. This technique takes your treasures and turns them into beautiful artwork which can be later hung on the wall or simply be kept on your workspace. May it be a personal photo of your loved one, a degree certificate or even your grandfather’s cherished watch, the art of box framing mount up any of your desired possession in a delicate way by well-experienced professionals. The quality of the materials used explains a frame’s value. Making your own DIY frame is not dreadful either. Additional to the main materials which were mentioned earlier, a glue gun and a saw which can cut through rough surfaces would be needed. But the likeliness of making a mistake and ending up in more trial and errors are high, resulting in the ominous climb of the cost. A professional framer helps care for the final piece in the long run. Having a considerable large depth, box frames can contain objects with deep display space.

Details are everything

In addition to frames making a statement on a former occurrence, it also helps recollect the history behind it. Allowing an opportunity to customize every single detail during framing an object is very intriguing. The art lies in the artist’s perception on every single details of the frame. You need to give some specifics of your item’s dimensions, complementing frame design, preferred size and in short, every detail of your imagination is welcome to the artist. The result does not just portray with par to imagination but it also shows the maker’s dedication into your project. It is after all, his duty to make your demands meet end.


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