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Taking Care of Solar Panels: Maintenance for Your Investments


For the next 25 years or more, solar panels are a terrific investment that will give you access to low-cost, renewable solar energy. How do you keep them up, though, is a crucial point. Are solar panels like your car in that they need frequent maintenance to function at their best? Or should you just leave them alone?

For the most frequently asked questions about maintaining solar panels, keep reading.

Do solar panels require upkeep?

Yes, but you can typically leave solar panels alone because they typically require very little maintenance to perform. They simply require a quick cleaning every so often to ensure that leaves, dirt, and other debris aren’t blocking the sun’s beams. Only during seasons of heavy snowfall, when inches of snow can impair the functioning of solar panels, may you require more thorough maintenance be performed.

Can you keep an eye on your solar panels’ condition?

You can keep an eye on the energy output of your panels using an app. Lower energy output could indicate that your panels are blocked from producing their usual quantity of electricity by anything like debris. You can keep track of the energy your solar Canberra made panels generate each day as well as their overall production by incorporating a monitoring system into the setup.

This enables you to observe precisely how various outside conditions affect the performance of your panels and how well they hold their efficiency over the course of their lifetime. In order for you to fix or replace a panel if it breaks or malfunctions, the monitoring system will also notify you.

How are solar panels maintained?

You’re in luck if your panels are tilted since rain will actually wash any build-up of debris off of them. However, it’s crucial to physically clean them during the dry season or prolonged dry spells. It is typically advised that you clean your solar panels two to four times a year. The good news is that while that might sound like a lot, it doesn’t take much labour to do this. Your panels will be clean and in excellent shape with just a simple spray from a yard hose or a leaf blower.

After a significant snowfall in winter, you might need to clean your panels. Make sure the water is lukewarm if you’re using it to melt the snow. A squeegee with a long handle is another option. It’s crucial to remember that when removing snow from the panels, you should never use hot water. The high temperature difference between the hot water and the cold panels can break the tempered glass panels, which are the material of the panels.

Solar panels are created to last. PV systems are capable of withstanding all types of weather, including wind, rain, snow, and more, thanks to high-quality solar panel installations. You’ll be relieved to learn that solar panels withstand hail well. They are not completely impervious to destruction, of course; on rare occasions, they may be harmed by hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, or lightning. However, if your warranty is solid, you ought to be able to get any broken panels fixed or replaced.


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