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Simple Ways to Remove Unwanted Shrubs in Your Garden


If you have a garden, then you would know that sometimes it is absolutely necessary to remove overgrowth, old and underperforming plants in order to give room for others to grow healthily. In addition, it goes without saying that older shrubs and plants can make your garden look unsightly and unruly so it is best to clear them out as soon as possible. This article will give you some tips on how to effectively clear out any unnecessary plant growth in your garden to make it look beautiful and healthy.

Choose the Right Time to Clear the Shrubs

The time of the year you decide to clear large, unruly shrubs matter as there are often birds and other small insects that may be nesting in your garden. Therefore, it is best to choose a time of the year when there will be a minimum disturbance to wildlife. Think about clearing large shrubs during autumn or winter to avoid such disturbances to nests. Moreover, it is fairly easier to dig the ground when the soil is dry so avoid digging just after heavy rainfall when the ground is too wet.

Gather the Tools and Equipment Necessary

Some of the basic tools to have when clearing large shrubs are a pair of pruning shears and perhaps a saw. You can also ask lawn mowing in Melbourne to get your garden mowed once the large shrubs are discarded. Remember to wear appropriate clothing like a sturdy pair of gardening gloves and strong boots in order to avoid any injuries.

Cutting the Shrubs

Using the pruning shears, cut the unwanted shrub right to the bottom until a small area of the stump is remaining. This helps to expose the root ball and make it easier to pull it out from the ground completely. This is necessary in order to completely remove the shrub. Letting the roots remain in the ground will only allow the shrub to grow back.

Dig a Trench

Once you have got the root ball exposed, using a round spade, dig a trench around the stump making sure you are not digging close to water or electricity lines. This makes it even easier to pull the root mass from the earth. This ensures that the entire shrubs, including its roots are completely removed so that you can make space to grow any other plants as well. When it comes to disposing of the pulled out shrub, you can dispose of like any other plant materials. If the shrubs are small, you can use it to compost or you can consider burning it. Make sure you don’t compost any diseased plants or shrubs. Burning or discarding them in your household trash will prevent any infection from spreading to the rest of the plants in your garden.

Remaining Roots and Composting

Once the root ball of the unwanted shrub is disposed of, you can use a spade to break any roots remaining in the ground. Breaking the remaining roots into smaller pieces will help it rot and decompose naturally into the soil.

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