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Simple Ways to Achieve a Vintage Style Home


There are plenty of different options when it comes to home décor and it all goes down to what style the homeowner prefers. From modern, Scandinavian, classical, minimalist, industrial, and many more – there are tons of styles to choose from if you’re looking for a home décor theme.

One of the most challenging to achieve is the vintage style. While it’s just easy for some people especially when they have been using the style statement for so long, it can be really challenging for those who are still new to the style. If you need some help in vintage décor, here are some simple tips that would help you transform your home into vintage style.

Choose Curvy Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is a basic when it comes to vintage style. Unlike other styles that you have to limit the use of wood, it is actually the most essential material for a vintage style home. Regular wooden furniture pieces will do but you could achieve a more elegant vintage look when you opt for furniture with more curves. Wooden furniture would definitely create a warmer and more welcoming vibe to your vintage home.

Look for Repurposed Stuff

Vintage style needs things that look aged but in a beautiful way. If you’re a collector of different things, you can use these old items in your vintage style home. Take them out of the storage and use them to beautify the home. There are plenty of things that you might not even be aware of such as old trunks, aged bookshelves, antique lampshades, and many more.

Vintage Accessories

When you have all the main pieces set, it is time to decorate it the old-fashioned way. You could do some research to have an idea on how people accessorize their home many decades ago. For instance, you could add some vintage style table runner to your dining tables and coffee tables.

You could also hang some vintage style lighting fixtures just like these vintage industrial lights instead of regular ones. There are still plenty of vintage style accessories around; just take your time to explore and look what suits your home.

Add a Carpet

A carpet is almost an essential part of every vintage home. It adds some softness to your décor and make your space look more welcoming and comfier. When choosing a carpet or an area rug, choose ones that look slightly worn out or just simply imperfect and it would surely add to the overall beauty of your vintage home style.


Lastly, to beautify your walls, don’t forget to hang some framed paintings on it. As much as possible, the frame should be wooden to complement the overall style of the space. Also, steer away from printed artwork since it looks modern and won’t fit into the picture.

Try out those simple yet great home décor ideas and be amazed at how it will slowly transform your home into vintage style that you love.


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