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How to use your sun lounge in a sustainable way


Sun lounges are typically used in outdoor settings. However, modern sunrooms that are more open contain such furniture as well. If you’re planning to buy a new one, or if you already have one at your home or even your hotel complex, it’s important that you know how to use the furniture in a sustainable way.

Let us find that out in this read.

Replace the cushion when the time comes

This is probably the biggest mistake that most people make given how misleading the condition of the cushions could look. Upon inspection by touching, the sponges might even fall off by pieces. The truth is that, except for the highest quality furniture, the manufacturers don’t use the best cushions in the furniture.

What you should do is buy the sun lounge cushions online separately and replace the existing cushion. Thanks to the seasonal offers, the prices would be even lower during this time until the month of January ends. We recommend that you purchase from the manufacturer company itself for the best quality.

Avoid direct exposure to extreme summer sun

Australian summer is harsh. But still, you’d find enough sun lounges kept out in the sun. It’s always better to cover them by choice whenever there is harsh sunlight. However, you won’t have to worry about quite cheap lounges that are designed specifically for beaches. Investing in parasols and any other kind of large umbrella would do the job without taking away the visual appeal of the furniture.

Pay attention to the tactical placement

In using a sun lounge, direct exposure to sunlight is the common practice. But there’s only a certain part during the day when the sunlight isn’t so rough. For example, the evening sun can be quite harmful upon direct exposure.

Hence, even if you took measures to cover them with umbrellas, it wouldn’t be that effective unless you place them tactically; tactical enough so that the sunlight doesn’t directly drop on the furniture.

Store them safely

Unlike most outdoor furniture or furniture as a whole, sun lounges can be folded. When you fold and store them, you should always remember to check the status of the cushions. Storing with excessive moisture leads to fungus formation and that would directly attack the quality of the cushion.

Even if the lounge couldn’t be folded, leaving them out in the outside to be burnt or wetted for prolonged periods of time is never recommended. The bottom line is that you need to store them safely.

Condition and clean the cushions from time to time

The fabric of most cushions is built to withstand heavy extreme outdoor conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that you should take it for granted. If the material could last longer when they’re in its original condition, you should always clean and condition the cushion fabrics to ensure a quality preserved longevity. Because of that, your cushions will last the longest.

Final thoughts

Being able to use outdoor furniture at your house is a privilege. Amongst them, being able to use an extremely comfortable piece of furniture is rare. Now that you know how to use a sun lounge ideally, obtaining the maximum use of money won’t be a problem at all.


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