Home Improvement — September 13, 2019 at 10:18 am

How to Transform an Inherited House to Make It Feel More Like You Own It?


Inheriting a house in this age and time is huge. It can not only give you an additional income, but it could also even become a part of your retirement plan. However, there’s nothing stopping you from using that house right now. Here’s how you could transform a house so it feels like it was built just for you…

Surround Yourself with Colors That Speak To You

Colours are important; they can create an ambiance and have the power of changing your mood. They also affect your level of comfort within a space. This is especially true when it comes to the colours of your home’s walls. Use colours that comfort you, inspire you and make it easier for you to relax in. Choose a professional painter servicing all of Perth to see this task through on your behalf. In addition, take the time to ensure all your accessories reflect the colour of your walls; contrasting or complementing it to suit it best.

Refresh the Furniture, And Its Places in the House to Suit You

If you inherited the house along with all of its furniture, it might feel wasteful to simply give the furniture away; just because it doesn’t suit your liking. Some of this furniture may even have a sentimental value to you; making it hard for you to part with them. However, neither of these reasons are going to help you comfortable in using that furniture ¾not unless you do something about it! And a change of fabric in the upholstery is a great way to refresh old furniture. Sanding and re-polishing, or giving them a fresh coat of paint should work equally well.

Start Making Memories ASAP!

One of the primary reasons for your home feeling alien to you is the mere fact that you haven’t lived in it for long. You are not familiar with it. In this case, taking the time to acquaint yourself with your home will help a great deal. What will help more, is it start making memories in this house ASAP. From height measurements to accidental chips off the wall¾they all tell a story…

Update the Bathrooms

Apart from the bedroom, it’s vital for you to feel at ease in your bathroom for you to truly feel that this house now belongs to you. Of course, a change of colour will make a difference here as well. However, you should feel a bigger difference if you happen to update the bathroom; giving it newer fittings and fixtures. New bathroom accessories and shower curtains also help…!

Bring In Your Own Kitchen Appliances and Other Kitchenware

We don’t know if it’s just us, but a kitchen doesn’t feel like it’s truly yours until you have at least a few of your old and well-loved kitchenware in it. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use what’s available to you in your inherited kitchen; but that you need to include yours to it. Don’t forget to include a few of your loved kitchen towels and hot pot holders to this!

Add In the Small Touches That Are Exclusively “You”

What are the touches of your previous home that makes it feel like a house that is exclusively yours? Your mementos definitely play a part here; those bits and pieces that you’ve collected along the way. But so does your hobbies and interests. Put up posters of your favourite bands or book quotes. Display your photos and before long, even this house that’s so alien to you will begin to feel like home.

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