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How to Make Your Home Safer for The Children – 4 Step Guide for First Time Parents


Being a parent for the first time is a surreal yet daunting experience that will present a set of unique challenges that you must prepare yourself for. While most parents’ attention to giving the newborn babies the proper nourishment and medical care, they forget about the importance of creating a safe and suitable living space where they can grow up the best possible condition.

We have listed for simple yet effective ways in which you can transform your homestead into the ideal sanctuary for raising your precious baby.

Child Proof Your Home

The average household is full of things that could cause harm or injury to a child and once they start crawling or walking about, this potential danger will become very real! By thinking ahead and child proofing your home, you will be able to rest easy. Start by installing safety gates that will keep your child contained safely where you want them, when you can’t keep eye on them.

Make sure that the ornaments, tools or utensils used by the adults stay away from children in their assigned storage areas. Use a bubble level to ensure that all surfaces are as level as they can be, leaving no chance for any items to roll off the surface. All doors should have locks and the knobs should be covered. Medical and cosmetic items should be kept as far away as possible from the toddlers and you must take care not to spill any, or else your child might just pick them up and put them in their mouth!

Embrace Childishness

Children deserve to play the way they want at the comfort of their own home. However, when you are concerned about keeping your household neat and the kids make messes all the time, you are sure to end up making them feel bad about the mess they made. This is why it’s better to create a home space that is tolerant of children and their innocent mischiefs. Decorate the walls of your child’s play area with figures of animals and cars and what not, giving apace for their imagination to take over.

Open Up the Spaces

Being confined into a compact space inside the house is the last place a fun-loving child would want to be in. As much as possible, try to open up the spaces in your home by combining rooms and getting rid of the furniture and other items that are occupying space. Your toddler shouldn’t have to worry about knocking their head on something every time they turn and a spacious room with a lot of area to play around would be the perfect solution for this.

Secure Bookshelves and Media Units to The Wall

Kids tend to climb up structures when it’s difficult for them to reach what they want. Let’s say they are trying to reach a book on the top of the bookshelf, or change the channel on the TV on the media unit. If these structures are not properly secured onto the walls, they might fall on your child and cause serious injury. Therefore, use screws to secure them properly, so that they’ll remain rigid and stationary at all times.


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