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How to Keep Your Home Insulated During Winter


Do you struggle with the typical Australian problem of keeping your house cool during summer and warm during winter? This typically points towards insulation problems within your house. But worry not, with a few minor changes around your home this can be easily fixed! If you’re going through the winter season and you’re ready to change things up, here’s what you need to do:


It’s a common fact that a sizeable percentage of a house’s warmth tends to be lost through the roof so by investing in wall, ceiling and floor insulation, you’ll be saving yourself countless dollars in utility bills. The best time to work on your insulation is usually during building phase itself or renovation but with a little more effort, it can be fitted into your current home.


Roller shutters tend to look great on your house’s exterior once installed but they also act as a great deterrent for intruders, making them a great security feature. And when it comes to keeping your home insulated, they help retain the house’s heat and do so in an energy conscious fashion. Check out securewindowrollershutters.com.au website for more!

The Heater

On a particularly cold day, it might be really tempting to move your couch around so it’s directly in front of the heater and you have direct access to a blast of hot air but if you want to have the hot air flowing smoothly across the house, you’ll want to make it so that nothing blocks/restricts its flow. Also make it a point to shut doors of rooms that you aren’t using so the heater will be more effective in heating the rooms that are used.


The next thing you’ll want to do is hunt down all those droughts in the house. This particularly applies to all your windows and doors. What you need to do is head down to your hardware store and get your hands on weather seal tape or draught strips. They have adhesive backing that you can apply inside the window frame or doorjamb. Make sure you measure out exactly how much you need before making your purchases.


Check if the particular model of your ceiling fan has a reverse switch. You can use this to make the fan move in anti-clockwise movements. This allows for the heated air that rises from your heating system to be pushed back into the room, ensuring insulation.


We all know that chilling feeling of placing warm feet against frozen tiles. During winter you won’t be able to escape this, no matter how many precautions you take so you might as well invest in your fair share of rugs to cover up your hard floors. This is an easy fix that will definitely add more warmth to the space.

Keeping your home all snug and warm during winter can be quite the challenge, especially if your house isn’t equipped to handle it. But just follow these simple steps and you should be ready to face the elements!

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