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How to Keep Away Ants from Your House


Have you ever wondered how a tiny insect can cause so many disruptions?Let us say, for example, whether it is your favourite pack of sweets or a dead cockroach on the floor- undoubtedly, you are going to see countless numbers of ants attacking it. Let me tell you; if you have never experienced this, you are a lucky one!

Where ever you go, the ants are never going to go out of sight. Be it in the house, the garage, the school, the park or, the pavement. Not a single spot is left by the group of ants! Oh, and how can we forget those ant bites on our hands? Instantly popping up a boil, with an itchy feeling- feeling like an ant bit me now. 

Why are they a problem?

Did you know? We probably know only the red and black ants, but there are over five hundred species of ants in the world! Hence, nearly 20 of those species infest the homes and other properties.The nuisance of this pest has troubled everyone.

However, if you need help, contact an ant pest control gold coast based service to take care of the problem. These services bring these pest attacks under control.While some take the help of ant pest control service providers; some tend to use their own techniques to keep the ants away. If you are wondering how to do that, keep reading.One can reduce or completely stops the ants from infesting the space by following these steps.

Here are a few DIY ways to keep ants from becoming a nuisance

Make a notice of their popular hangout spot

If you were free, where would you be found? Likewise, the ants also have their favourite go-to spot. Thus, you must take note of the most prone places for the ants to meet up. It wouldn’t be surprising if you end up with the kitchen.

Yes, there are high chances of an ant party in the kitchen; the only spot where they can find water, food, and sweets. Besides the kitchen, other likely places in the house are; bedrooms, living space, inside the drywall, bathroom, and around the heater or the air conditioner. 

Hence, blocking these spaces with pest control sprays can save you big time!

Reduce water sources

If the moisture and water around your home are reduced; you can have an ant-free life to an extent. Hence, you should repair every leakage, dry the moist area, and keep the wet areas clean.

Train your pets

Pets can be an attraction for ants. Especially, when the food and water served to them has been left open. Or that your pet has spilled the food all over. Hence, you should be very observant, and immediately clean the bowls and space once your pet had the meal.

Keep the food out of sight

It is necessary to keep the food items sealed or in a freezer. If there is a tiny space kept open in that food item, the ants will attack- therefore, it should be tightly packed.


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