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How Not To Choose The Parquetting For Your Home?


If you are building a new house, or maybe simply renovating one, one key aspect that you will really want to look into will be the parquetting. The final finishes of this will add great value and external appeal to your home and give it the character that you really are looking for. You can make the decision by yourself after discussing with your family members but you can also get the help of professionals if you need it so that you can make the right choices from the start. Here are some tips on what you should not do before making a decision.

corner office or study area with double sliding barn doors, by Shumacher Homes

Using The Same Material All Around

You might be tempted to use the same type of material all around your home but that is not really a very practical solution. If your logic behind this decision is that you will be cutting down costs, in the long run you will actually be spending a lot more cash from time to time on maintenance as opposed to doing a one off payment for the right materials and then enjoying that for a really long period of time. For example, because the areas like the washroom or the basement will almost never have as much light, ventilation and dryness as the rest of the house, you might want to choose the right materials to avoid mold, mildew and decay. In the kitchen because you need a really good grip and there will be heavy traffic along with moisture, you will need to make a separate choice. So don’t choose the same thing for every segment of the house unless it is something that covers all the bases.

Not Paying Attention To External Factors

Number two is that many people do not pay much attention to the external factors when it comes to making their choices. This could actually be because when you see something that really looks good you just simply want it for that reason alone and you tend to cancel out all the drawbacks and incompatibilities of the choice. But for example, if you really love the wood finish and you have dogs and cats at home and kids running around that will scratch the wood, opt for something else that is scratch- resistant. If you don’t want to have too much maintenance use something like bamboo flooring Melbourne that will look good and also come at a reasonable cost.

Herringbone Floor

Not Looking At The Maintenance And Cost

Another mistake that many of us tend to make is not thinking clearly about the kind of costs that are involved after the basic installation. We simply think about how much it would cost us as a one-off and forget that maintenance and repairs are a very real part of all of this. When it comes to maintenance it is not just the money that you are looking at, you also need to think about the time that you have to tend to it and whether you will be able to fully enjoy the choice that you made without worrying that it will cost you a fortune.

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