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How Can Logo Floor Mats Help Boost Your Business?


Logo entrance mats are now one of the trends followed by many businesses. But apart from the appeal it gives out when you enter a company building, there are other benefits they offer to a business. Take a look at the following to see how they can help to promote your business and give it the marketing boost.

Establish Your Brand

Marketing and advertising are always a good way to establish your brand. But this does not always have to be done in the traditional way. There are many ways through which you can establish your brand and logo mats are one of them. It will be the first thing that customers see when they enter the building which helps to ensure that your brand is recognised and remembered.

Spread Company Messages

These mats can be used for purposes other than displaying your logo or company name. You can also use them to spread messages about company policies or maybe a new project or a promotion that you are coming up with. For example, if you’re planning to have a special promotion in a coming week, you can print your promotion advert on the mat.

Welcome Your Customers

In a business first impression always matters. Especially when maintaining good customer relations and winning customer loyalty. A logo mat is the perfect way to give your customers a warm welcome whenever they enter the company building. Unlike regular mats, there will be a more personalised welcome since the mat will be carrying your company name. This will also help your new customers to be more familiar with your brand image.

Affordable Marketing Alternative

With all the competition in the field of business, staying on top of your marketing and advertising game is necessary. This means sometimes you have to keep pushing the promotion of your company or its products. However, constant campaigning can be a strain on your company budget unless you are willing to use innovative methods like using a doormat with your company name. This is way less expensive than a traditional marketing campaign but will still reach a number of customers.


Another benefit is that they are customizable. This allows you to choose whatever creative way you want to promote and advertise your brand. You have the opportunity to do this in many ways. You can choose to display the company logo with the company motto.

Or you can use a famous tagline that is associated with your business. If you want to be more creative and if your business is slightly more known to customers than a newly opened business, you can simply use the brand colours only on the mat and the customers will still recognise and remember your brand.

When there are more innovative and cheap ways to promote a business, why only stick to the traditional ways. All you have to do to get a mat is to contact a local shop who design logo floor mats and send them your desired design. You can brainstorm with your creative team about the kind of design you want to display and the mat designers will get the exact thing you need.


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