Home Improvement — February 4, 2019 at 1:11 pm

Home Improvement & Remodelling Ideas that Increase Home Value


When planning to sell your home, remodelling or renovating is one great way to increase its resale value. Most homeowners want to get the most out of the deal that’s why they do some renovations before selling it. When creating a remodelling plan, make sure that the cost doesn’t exceed the value when sold. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some home renovating ideas that are proven to increase the resale value of your house.

Make it Lighter and Spacious

There’s no need to worry if your house is small since there are plenty of ways to make it look wider. Painting it with light colours attract more light, making it brighter and look more open. You may also try installing mirrors on certain areas you want to look more spacious. Mirrors give an illusion that there still something more over there even though it’s already a wall.

Increase Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb-side appeal is essential in attracting future buyers. This is due to the fact that first impressions are made after a customer sees the external part of the house. Having a perfect exterior paint palette is a plus. Also, adding a beautiful landscape in your yard makes your home appealing to the eye.

Add a Deck

Decks are great places to receive guests or even enjoy some quiet time alone. This feature really adds a wonderful twist to any home, making it more appealing to customers. When installing a deck, don’t forget the add-ons such as benches, coffee table, fire pit, potted plants, and many more. Contact us for the best timber decking Adelaide solutions.

Update Kitchen and Bathroom

While this is less visited by visitors, the kitchen and bathroom are one of the main parts potential buyers consider. There’s no need to replace fixtures that are still working fine. However, you may consider repainting it or adding some decorative accents for better aesthetics. Don’t forget to upgrade the amenities such as hot and cold shower, speakers, and many more high-tech features. Make sure to keep track at the remodelling cost and make sure that it doesn’t exceed your home’s selling amount.

Finish the Basement

Most basements are usually unfinished areas in the house. To increase market value, finish this part to create a new room in your home. Basements can be converted for any purposes such as a playroom, a movie room, a library or almost anything. Keep things in it organized and paint walls with lighter hues so it doesn’t look cramped.

Add a Home Office

Working at home is a popular trend nowadays which makes a home office perfectly appealing to anyone. A little space will do, just be sure to place a desk and some organizing cabinets around it. Don’t forget to add essential add-ons such as a phone, data ports and electrical outlets for convenience.

There are still plenty of things you can do to increase the value of your property. Take all the time you need to prepare and always remember not to overspend in remodelling

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