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Garage Door Repair – Signs That Tell You It’s Time!


Do you want to keep the garage door running smoothly for years to come? As a homeowner, being able to be your very own handyman can be a great feeling and a major cost saver, however, there will always be those jobs that require professional experience and expertise and, in such situations, it is always advisable to call a pro for help. Garage doors are one such area which should be left for the pros at all times.

However, you must first be able to discover any issues in the structure on your own, and this requires you to keep an eye and an ear out for a few signs that shows the need for repair.

Too Noisy

Have you ever heard a loud squeaky noise or a noisy scratching sound every time you open or close the garage gate? If this is the case, it is a sure indication that there is a serious problem in the hinges of the structure, which must be repaired ASAP to prevent prolonged friction between the metal surfaces, which will result in irreversible wear and tear. This can render the components unusable overtime and therefore must be fixed with the assistance of a professional fast.

Imbalance of your Garage door

Over time, common wear and tear is expected on thesprings that support these structures and the changes in weather and climate also affects this. Any spring will begin to break down at this time. If the door starts to rock as you open and shut it, consider opening it up manually and shutting it halfway.

There’s no problem with a garage door that hangs out to let go, but if it begins to collapse, spring issues come your way. You seldom realize when the issue could take its toll on the unit. This issue should be tackled urgently to avoid the safety threats that emerge due to the collapse of the spring.

Delayed Response Time

Notice how much time the gate takes to responding to the commands. In most situations, after pressing the opener, the door must begin to open or close within a second or two. The door must be opened or closed quickly and without any complications.

If you see a pause in opening or shutting of the latch, there may be something wrong with the latch or the opener. This is also a sign to get it looked at. Only regular garage doors maintenance will help you uncover such issues in time.

Dents and out of shape

The track on which the door sits can get bent out of shape for a number of reasons. You should know that a dented track will cause your gate to not function properly and eventually get bent itself.

Most homeowners, upon noticing something odd about the way the gate slides along the track will only focus on the gate itself and not the track, which is almost always the structure with the issue. And at times, if the door isn’t coming all the down or going all the way up due to these misalignments, they would try to forcefully push the structure manually, which will only aggravate the situation. Therefore, call up a repairman and get their consultation on the matter before coming to your own conclusion.


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