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Different Types of Chairs for Your Home


Chairs for your homes come in a number of different styles, with a chair to suit every kind of room and need. You may question what some of the names signify.

Here are some of the most popular types of chairs that you might like to use in your house.

Wing Chair

While the wing chair is a very classic kind of chair, it has been redefined and given a more modern touch by many modern artists

Wingback chairs are characterized by side panels or “wings” on the rear, which initially served the purpose of protecting the space from drafts or extreme heat from the fire pits. Nowadays, the wings have a nice surface to relax the head for taking nap. The wing chair is ideal for relaxing or reading.

Club Chair

The club chair is a cuddly, upholstered armchair. It has arms and a lower back and is generally decorated in leather. The word is derived from the England of the 19th-century, where gentlemen’s clubs had comfortable chairs of this sort.

Like several other traditional models, this one has also been revised. Though leather is typically the cover of

Occasional Chair

It’s just the occasional chair, a chair that is used rarely. It’s typically an extra chair which is used when you’ve got guests over. Occasional chairs sometimes end up being accent objects in a setting, chosen for their aesthetic value more than anything else.

Slipper Chair

The slipper chair is an armless cushioned chair with short legs that make it sit near the ground. It is the low height that separates it, and also renders it a convenient choice for many.

While the original slipper chairs were used in the women’s bedrooms for sitting or dressing, they can be used in every space in today’s room.

Side Chair

Usually, the dining room seats are side chairs. A side chair is a narrow chair with a frame that isn’t decorated. It has a sturdy frame that may or may not have arms. The seat and rear may or may not be cushioned. In addition to being used in the dining room, side chairs can add additional seats in the living room or other spaces. They’re not bulky, like party seats.

You can buy dining chairs from almost anywhere. They are quite common and popular.

Chaise Lounge

A chaise is basically a long chair, one on that you can spread your legs without needing to have an ottoman. Typically, the back is at a semi-reclining position, and this is the seat you use to relax.

Chaise longue became a chaise lounge in English, and that’s what it’s generally called when we’re alluding to a long, narrow lounge chair. Since this chair is all about comfort, you will often find a shape like this.


A reclining chair is very common for watching and reading media. You will find conventional and trendy versions of leather or cloth. A recliner allows you to put your legs up and chill, then stow your footrest when you’re done.


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