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Common Drainage Problems in A Property


Whether you have an old or new property, problems can arise on it sooner or later depending on how you manage and care for the place. Most of the problems in every property are caused by water – from drainage issues, ice build-up, erosion, and many more.

If you’re facing one of these issues, know that you are not alone since many people experience these as well. You may not have control over the issue but there’s certainly something you can do to solve them properly. Here are the most common drainage problems and how to deal with them.

Incorrectly Installed Gutters and Downpipes

Gutters and downpipes are an important part of your house’s exterior. These parts handle the rainwater from the roof and guide its flow to a drainage system. The gutter catches the rainwater from the roof and then flows down to pipes going to a drain. When these two parts are not installed or maintained properly, it can be damaging to your home’s exterior such as the roof, walls, and other features.

They should be properly angled, connected and even cleaned regularly to promote a smooth water flow during rainy days. If you notice something off such as a leaking or overflowing gutter, it is best to check these parts for clogs or damages. Get professional downpipe repairs from one of Australia’s best.

Run Off from Other Property

This problem usually happens when your property is located downhill from a mountain or other elevated areas. When it rains the water flowing downstream gets into your property and causes erosion through time. You can’t stop your neighbour to stop it because it is a natural occurrence due to the land feature.

However, there’s still something you can do to deal with this problem. Check how the water gets into your property and create a drainage system around to help re-route where the water should go. You can guide it towards a catch basin or a dry well to prevent water from accumulating on your property and causing more problems.

Roots in Drainage Pipes

If you have trees or big shrubs growing around especially near your drain pipes, their roots could invade the pipes later on and cause problems. When you notice that your drainage is backing up even if it’s not clogged, check it for root problems.

Plants love moisture and when they sense the moisture inside the pipe, they will quickly grow around and squeeze into it to get more water. This could damage or clog the pipes later on especially when the roots are big, causing problems with your home’s drainage system. To solve this, you could either remove the blocked pipe and replace it with new or cut the roots mechanically to clear the pipes.

There are so many problems at home that are caused by water. However, when you know their basic features and how to deal with them properly, you can be sure that everything will go back to normal in no time.


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