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Choosing the Right Drapes for Your House


Drapes are what protect your house from direct sunlight and maintain the privacy of the house. Apart from these uses, they also bring an added look to your windows, giving a final touch to the interior decoration of the house. There are numerous types of drapes you can choose from, to decorate each of your rooms. Here are some of the popular types to style your abode.

Sheer Curtains

These are translucent drapes. While these can block the view from outside, they do not block the view from inside the house. However, they provide only a little privacy and does not filter sunlight. The living room or the kitchen are some ideal places to use this type, especially if you want to utilize the most of natural light during the day time.

Pleated Drapes

These drapes are made by sewing a header tape to the back of the panel to form pleats when pulled together. Their pleated appearance gives a formal look and is one of the best styles to use in office rooms or living rooms. Depending on how the shape of the pleats, there are many types of pleated drapes such as pinch pleat drapes, goblet pleat drapes, pencil pleat drapes, cartridge pleat drapes, tuxedo pleat drapes and box pleat drapes.

Window Scarf

Window scarves can add a sophisticated and a classy look to your place. It is a long, continuous piece of fabric that is draped over a rod placed above the window, and frames the entire window. However, they do not block sunlight or add privacy at all despite their decorative appearance. You can use scarves paired with any other type of drapes to cover the windows.

Grommet Curtains

These are the most popular styles and can be found anywhere. A quick search for curtains sydney will show you a number of places to purchase grommet curtains. They have a simple, casual design and can be used in any room, from the living room to the office room to bedroom. All you have to do is match the fabric colour and design with the rest of the decoration in the room. They are also easier to open and close.

Rod Pocket Curtains

These are also known as casement or cased heading curtains. They are made of lightweight fabrics and are usually unlined. These are made with a pocket on top of the fabric to slide a rod through, making it easier to hang them. They are often used with blinds or sheer panels. However, this is not the best type to be used in places where you want to open and close the curtains regularly.

Tab Top Drapes

These drapes have loops (tabs) on the top edge of the fabric to insert the rod across them. However, is can be a little difficult to run the fabric across and therefore don’t use them in places where you will have to open and close them regularly. These can be used as coverings for wider areas such as sliding glasses.

You can choose the best type, depending on the place you want to décor. Consider the lighting of the room as well as the privacy of the place when choosing them.

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