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Choosing the Best Refrigerator for Your New Kitchen


The current trends in kitchen design have led to modern and simplistic styles that gear towards keeping the kitchen spacious while maintaining functionality. And in building your modern kitchen, you need to find the best-suited appliances to meet your requirements. Some of these are the dishwasher, the gas range and your choice of refrigerator.

Fundamentally, refrigerators are of two kinds: those that are merged with furniture also called built-in refrigerators and those that are free standing. Refrigerators are usually located in strategic places to achieve space saving and the design that the homeowner is going for. If you are looking for the most suitable refrigerator for your modern kitchen, check this information out on what you need to know about them before buying one.

The Free-Standing Refrigerator

These fridges are completely built with closed sides and top. They are normally placed next to counters and they do not need any other furniture for them to stand or lean on. This type comes indifferent sizes customized to fit your different requirements. Free standing fridges can also come in small sizes, commonly called mini fridges, created to fit the personal needs when inside a room.

In buying a new free-standing fridge to replace an old one, make sure you check all the specifications to make sure that it fits your needs and the kitchen space allocated for it. This is needed because a lot of innovations and improvements have been made to the free standing fridge and it should not be assumed that the new one is exactly like the old one. If you intend to put the new fridge on the exact location of the old one then it is worth to accurately check the specifics of each unit and make sure that actually fits in the old refrigerator’s spot. This consideration can save you money from any possible cost of altering the old fridge’s spot just to custom fit the old one.

The Under Counter Refrigerator

In other words, these are integrated refrigerator that are built like drawers or cabinets placed under your counter tops for better accessibility. This is a must-have for homeowners with a small kitchen and would like to save space without compromising its overall look and modern vibe. For a household with kids, this can also be helpful because getting their snacks or drinks becomes easier with a fridge that is within their reach. Just be sure to stock these fridges with food safe for children since they can access these refrigerators easily.

The Counter Depth Refrigerators

If your kitchen is spacious enough to hold a larger refrigerator and you think that this is what you and your family would need, then you may want to get yourself a counter depth refrigerator. It is highly suitable for large households that store large amounts of food. Some models are large enough to hold fifteen grocery bags worth of food. The doors of these refrigerator models usually side by side and can hold until four racks of bottled drinks or condiments in jars. If you are looking for more storage space, then the counter depth fridge is the one to buy.

In buying the best refrigerator for your home, the first thing to do is to know what you and your family needs. Consider the floor area, the style you want and the possible energy savings you can get. Give it a good amount of time to study the models available and your search will certainly be a fruitful one.

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