Home Improvement — January 5, 2021 at 7:04 am

Are you a COVID-19 Chef?


Well, if there is one thing this pandemic has taught us for sure, it taught us how to ignite the inner pro chef in us and take over the kitchen as the commanding chef.

As cooking is said to be a stress-relieving exercise, it for sure did prove itself right. One thing we all will remember from the year 2020 is all the good food that was cooked in our homes, and oh those freshly baked goodies.

It could’ve either been the stress-relieving part, or that, people ran out of things to do, and boredom almost felt like suffocation, as they were at home for months. This might’ve been new, but definitely exhausting. I mean how many times can you do re-runs of your favourite movies and shows?

Plus, that wasn’t just the case. If you had kids, meaning you needed to control them too and their cravings, and no take out? no ordering food from restaurants?  Yeah “we needed food to survive,” they say.

Now let’s ignore the fact that not most of us were blessed in this phase of 2020.  Yeah, it wasn’t a top-secret anymore. We’ve all been there, frantically wiping the kitchen counters and walls after spilling and splashing your banana cake batter everywhere. Thank god for glass splashback or else we’d end up having to re-paint our kitchen walls every other day during the quarantine. And maybe, just maybe on the bright side, we could take it up as a profession. Painting walls doesn’t sound as bad right? And then again, what could be worse than 2020?

Quarantine baking and cooking had literally been the trend throughout the lockdown. Who knew whipping up some coffee and adding milk and ice invented a fancy coffee that looked like it came straight out from Starbucks! Not going to lie, it almost made us feel like we were a connoisseur of some sort.

How can we not talk about all those cooking trends and dishes that became popular worldwide?
First things first, every Susan, Peter, Harry, and Kimberly you probably knew baked bread. The finest delicacy of all times- bread. From banana bread to wholewheat sourdough bread, they’ve tried everything. And may we add, unlike a few of us, some did succeed. Ask us how we know?

Wait, didn’t you see it on their Instagram stories with #Freshlybaked, #Homebaked, and oh, #ChefMe.
Some of them sure did think they could start a home bakery business. With all the birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other pastries they baked, no doubt, they could run a decent home business. However, we wouldn’t know how long it would last. Depends on how it actually tasted right?

And, not to forget, all of us tried waking up early and making good breakfast for ourselves, didn’t we? Even you and I, we also did take part in this trend. Well, ours lasted for three whole days. What about you?

Last, but not least, healthy eating. Yes, we were in that together. Started it, went on for a few days, last, we remember from the lockdown was munching on all that junk food with the oversized sweatshirts on. Good old days.


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