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A Guide To Restaurant Safety


If you run a restaurant, you know how dangerous it can be. There are many safety hazards in the kitchen resulting in an unsafe environment for your customers if you don’t have the proper safety measures in place. There are many of these, ensuring peace of mind as you know your customers are away from harm’s way.

That’s why we’ll be discussing your safety essentials below, so let’s get started, shall we?

Do You Have An Emergency Exit?

Every restaurant needs an emergency exit. This would save countless lives in case of an accident happening at your establishment. If you don’t have it in place, many lives could be lost as they try to escape from the main entrance.

Because of this, you need an exit that can be easily accessible by all customers in the vicinity, so look at the layout of the room carefully, placing it at the most convenient spot.

Not only must it be easy to access, but it must also be easy to find. Unfortunately, some restaurants place the door to the exit without any signs informing guests of its function.

Do You Have A Fire Extinguisher?

The kitchen can get very hot, and if you’re not careful, something can catch fire on the stove and spread throughout the restaurant. That is why it’s important your chefs always have eyes in the kitchen. However, in case a fire spreads, you need a fire extinguisher always on hand.

Some countries make sure restaurants have one ready- being a part of their law.

Moreover, you should always have the fire department’s contact at your disposal as you never know if a fire can spread, becoming too much for you to handle.

Are There Any Protective Barriers?

If your restaurant comes with a pool adjoined, you need a barrier to separate the dining space from it. This would prevent anyone from falling into the water, especially kids. This same barrier would work well if you have a dining pace upstairs, protecting customers from falling over.

Hence, get a glass balustrade as they’re chic and get the job done. So, look for professional glass balustrade suppliers Melbourne restaurants love to use.

Does The Building Have Any Faults?

Your establishment may be in an old building. Although it has a rustic charm, its space could be dangerous to your staff and customers you may have inside. This is as it could have construction issues such as faulty wiring.

You can imagine how dangerous faulty wiring can be.. If a customer is having a meal at your restaurant and wiring breaks loose, it could electrocute him and everyone in his radius. Not only would this cost numerous lives, but the exposed wire could spark up linen, causing a fire that could spread.

Moreover, the above is also true for gas leakages. Old buildings have dated appliances that are prone to them. If you aren’t careful, you could find yourself with an explosion in your kitchen, resulting in your chef’s lives lost.

If you consider the above information, your establishment will be safe from harm’s way, so rest easy.

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