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7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Bedroom


The bedroom space is personal. As such, it’s incredibly prone to clutter- clothes strewn all over the floor, books lying open on the desk, bed sheets rumpled, stains on the carpet etc. Unfortunately, if you want a bedroom that looks like its right out of a magazine, then you have to put in a little effort to get there. Here are some simple ways you can enhance your bedroom.

Paint Job

If your room has been painted a ghastly, drab shade, it’s high time you repainted it. It’s best that you go for a light, neutral shade for your wall colour so you can add plenty of vibrancy and colour through how you accessorize the room (paintings, frames, textures pillows etc.).

Plush Pillows

Overfill your throw pillows so that they become incredibly plush and invest in some good, quality pillows. This immediately transforms your bed from looking skimpy to something that looks like its straight out of a five star hotel. Don’t forget the crisp, white bed linen as well. You’ll have to regularly air these out if you want to prevent them from smelling musty.

Hanging Lights

Wall fixtures are a thing of the past. Instead go for a simple, hanging light in the middle of your room. You don’t have to go over the top with a full-blown chandelier, but rather scope around for hanging pendent lights and other smaller, accent lights around the room.

The Vanity

Every room with a feminine presence should have a makeup vanity including a stool. You can even decorate it with personal items and photos. But the problem with these dressers is that they tend to clutter easily. All the lotions, creams, makeup and accessories have a way of being strewn across messily, especially if you have to get ready in a hurry. You need to actively remind yourself to arrange this because it severely clutters the entire room.

Statement Pieces

Each room needs to have their individual centrepiece. If a room has too many statement pieces then it begins to look stuffy. Especially a bedroom, which already has a pretty hefty bed in it. So pick your statement piece wisely. It can be a beautiful wooden vanity, a velvet arm chair or adornments on the bed frame etc. It adds a lot more richness to the room.

Empty Floor

If you want to enhance the finest parts of your room, then you need to make sure nothing clutters it and dampens it in any way. Cluttered floors, with clothes and cords lying about, look incredibly messy. Granted this tip is more of a cleaning tip, but alas it has to be done.


Something as simple as a small pot of herbs can elevate your room from an average status to luxury living. Embracing nature helps make the room more airy and fragrant. It also adds a much-needed, vibrant pop of greenery to the space. You’ll have to regularly take a minute of your time to make sure it’s well watered, however.

These steps will make a visible difference in your bedroom overnight but you need to make sure you dedicate the time to its maintenance so that it stays that way!

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