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7 Interesting Ways to Pack Your Kid’s Lunch


Packing the perfect lunch for your kid is mandatory for their growth and well-being. Sometimes kid’s come back with the food half or barely eaten and that isn’t a good sign. It is important for them to eat properly in order to boost their energy as well as gain nutrition.

With children slowly returning to school physically, it’s time for you to upgrade your kid’s lunch box system in order to make sure they truly enjoy every bite without leaving remains. Having a proper system could also help your kid avoid making a mess while eating. Here are some fun and interesting ways to spice up the way you pack up your kid’s lunch.

Making use of bento boxes

It’s the new trend and it’s working just great! Bento boxes are a type of lunch box with divided compartments. You can add or subtract the divided containers as per your lunch plan. Not only are they light weighted and easy to arrange the food in but also sleek and easy to clean.

Reusable picks and skewers

Getting colourful picks and skewers can make the process of eating easier and more interesting for your little one, encouraging them to eat what is served. It can turn a dull looking lunch to a fun one. The fact that they are reusable makes it a worthy investment. Not to mention with the new safety rules, it’s the best to ensure your kid avoids eating with their hand. 

Labelling lunch boxes

Labelling take organizing up a notch! They make any item look aesthetically pleasing while also being easily identifiable. Adding lunch box labels to your kid’s lunch box can help them find it in case the box gets lost or misplaced. It’s a smart way to give your kids a sense of belonging, thus owning and making use of the lunch box proudly.

Adding in fun shaped snacks

Kids loves shapes and colours. Add those into their lunch box and you’ll never see leftovers returning again! From cutting up their fruits and vegetables using variety of shape cutters to even cutting up their sandwiches in shapes, you can make their lunch extra fun to consume. The bite sizes pieces also help them eat more quantity without even feeling it.

Switching up the menu

Sending your kid, the same lunch everyday can get them fed up of it in no time. Soon you’ll find them returning home with the lunch box full. In order to avoid them from getting bored of the same food, switch it up every day. You can however, repeat the same menu on a weekly basis.

Adding in cute notes

A home packed lunch with a cute note on the side adds in extra love and care, thus putting a smile on their cute little faces. The notes can be a mix of fun facts, jokes and even special little letters from you to them every now and then!

Let us know if these little tips help you and your kid!


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