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5 Simple Steps to Speedy Cleaning


Whether you’re planning to have family over or throwing a humble party for friends, we all know the need for speedy cleaning. Without stressing yourself out too much (it happens to the best of us) here’s a few simple steps you should keep in mind in times like this.


If there were ever a time to get your repairs seen to, this would be it. Do you have an unseemly leak ruining your ceiling? Any roof damages that ruin the visual you’re trying to create before the guests can even step in through the door? Solve your problems with a professional team from boydsroofrescue.com.au narre warren. You should also take the time to check on any other things that might ruin the perfect day such as plumbing issues, pest control, gardening etc.

Pristine Floors

Those floors need to be squeaky clean since one of the first things your guests will notice once they walk in the door in that big expanse of space below them. That stain on the carpet? The dirt marks on the floor? It’s got to go and soon. Stock up on stain-removal products or simply concoct your own by adding together half a cup of water and hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. You can blot it dry afterward. Then get to vacuuming- and no cutting edges. Each and every corner of your room must be vacuumed. For hard floors, a good and thorough mopping will always get the job done.

Clear Surfaces

Give all possible surfaces in your house the rundown and have them looking squeaky clean. All you need is a cloth in hand. Also keep in mind that countertops and tables have a bad habit of being cluttered. Don’t only wipe these areas down but while you’re at it see what you can put away in a drawer or cupboard- better yet, you can even consider giving them away if you really don’t use it. What most people don’t realize is, that by keeping large, flat surfaces in your house clear, you give the room a more visually appealing look. So remember- de-clutter and wipe down!

Toilet Cleaning

While you might be used to your toilet in its most glorified state, your guests will simply be horrified to think that you live in such unhygienic conditions. Put your gloves on and make sure to disinfect all those surfaces marked by either toothpaste splatters, hair or grime. You can make short work of this by getting your hands on some disinfecting cleaners. Don’t forget to scrub out your shower area, including the drain plug and once again, de-clutter your surfaces as much as possible.

Prepare the Guest Room

In all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to prepare your guest room in case your guests happen to sleep over (something’s can never be planned). Wash the blankets and sheets- make sure to use some fabric softener and don’t forget to air the room itself out. This will leave your guestroom feeling fresh.

These are the only steps you’ll ever need to run through when cleaning with a deadline or cleaning under pressure. With these five out of the way, anything else you can see to will come as a bonus!

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