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3 Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing


No matter how much you take care and maintain your pool, there will come a time that it needs to be resurfaced due to regular wear and tear. Eventually, the outer plaster surface of your pool will start to erode showing the rough inner layer of it.

This can be caused by a lot of factors such as changes in climate, years of use and even just regular wear. Pools generally last around 10 years but it is important to always keep it in check to detect damages early on and fix them before they get worse. Does your pool need to be resurfaced? Here are the signs to consider if you really need a pool resurfacing service.

Plaster Coming Off

One of the main reasons why people resurface their pools is when the outer material starts to come off. As it progresses, it eventually exposes the rough inner material which is not that pleasant to touch or look at. The longer your pool has been, the more prone it is with this kind of problem. It can also be caused by unbalanced pH levels in the pool water, making it more corrosive to the material’s surface. As soon as you notice the material coming off a little, it is best to deal with it immediately to prevent it from spreading and turning into more expensive repair. Contact your trusted pool resurfacing Perth services to fix this issue immediately.


Another sign that your pool needs to be resurfaced is the presence of stains. There are different causes of stains in a pool. It could be caused by minerals in the water, algae, or even the plaster coating eroding off. Regular cleaning is the key in maintaining a stain-free pool. However, there are times when the stain has already stuck hard in the pool’s surface. Resurfacing is one of the best remedies to make your pool look like new again. If the stain is caused by the plaster coming off, it is essential to fix this issue immediately since it can get worse if left for a long time.

Presence of Leaks

You’ll know that your pool is leaking if you notice cracks in the concrete round the pool and there are wet spots near the pool area. Leaving a leak unrepaired will only make it bigger and more complicated to fix. If you think your pool has leaks, resurfacing not only fixes it but also gives it a fresher and cleaner appearance.

Types of Finishes

There are 2 common finish options for pools. Plaster is the most commonly used since it is least expensive and works well with water chemicals through time. Pebble finish is slowly becoming popular lately because of its natural look and easy to clean and maintain surface. It is also more durable than plaster, making it a perfect option if you want a low maintenance pool.

Pool resurfacing may sound overwhelming but your investment is definitely worth it for a fresh and updated looking pool.

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