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How To Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Star Class Hotel


Other than the King size bed and plush interior deco the one other fascinating thing about a hotel is of course the bathroom. Extra-large tub, sprawling chandelier, rainforest shower and the massive vanity making you feel like absolute royalty. You can probably spend an entire day in some bathrooms. However, it is more than one feature of a star class hotel bathroom that makes it so luxurious.

The colour schemes, choice of fixtures, size and features available are some of the ways a bathroom is made to feel so plush. You might frown at the size and state of your home bathroom once your holiday is over and luxury seems so far away, however there are a few ways you might come close to having your star class hotel bathroom experience right there in your own home.

Lighting is everything

This may seem not as important but believe us it is. Brightly lit bathrooms increase ambience and feeling by a great deal. Yes, this also means that the tiny flaws are more visible but we are not concentrating on the negative. Light your bathroom up using warm lighting. Install mirror lights and even the switches that can control the brightness, turn it up if you are feeling good or low when you want to create a romantic or just peaceful vibe.

Aromatherapy is amazing

Something about scented bathrooms can make you quite in love. Youmight not necessarily have the size and features of a star class hotel but you can definitely have the smell of one. Scents such as lavender, lemon grass and sandalwood are some easy to purchase scents or incense that can help really help create a vibe for your bathroom.

Fluffy towels and robes

These are some of the easiest ways to create a sense of luxury in your bathroom. Thick and soft mats, towels and robes are an automatic way to feel pampered and luxurious. Soak yourself in a hot water bath or shower and wrap yourself up in a robe that feels like a cloud. Luxury isn’t only in a star class hotel.


There is something about mirrors that make a bathroom feel spacious and grand. Whether it is a large vanity mirror or a full body it can make your bathroom look large and plush. There are many companies that carry out renovations. So, take a look at the designer bathroom renovations in Brighton to get some inspiration. There are many types and sizes of mirrors that can be installed to fit your bathroom specifications.

Add a bit of nature

If you prefer sleek and modern plants may not be ideal, but there is a great deal of luxury that comes from adding a hint of nature to your bathroom. Whether it is a skylight, indoor plants or even a vase of flowers. It automatically relaxes you and can be quite pleasing on the eye as it increases the level of oxygen helping your breath better.

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