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Your essential guide on buying the right barstools


If you are setting up a kitchen or if you are setting up a restaurant, the must have are bar stools. Bar stools will not only help in setting up the right ambiance in the interior but it will also help in creating high functionality in the kitchen or the bar.

When you are out on the hunt of the right bar stools, you will easily come across different options that makes the choice that you have to make a lot harder. Here is a guide that you can follow that will help you in devising which barstools are best for your requirements:

Choose a good store

The experience that you will be getting when you are on the hunt for the right bar stools is the store that you choose to shop from. Therefore, taking a bit of your time to look for a store that you can always count on will always be helpful and will aid you in getting the finest experience that you are after. When you look in BSR for all of your bar stool requirements, you can requirements from a range of state of the art, high quality bar stools that come in different styles.

Checking with a reputed store will always make the choice that you have to make a lot easier and it will also help you in getting the best out of the time that you have invested to find the right barstools for your project.

Determine the right height of the barstools

The first thing that you have to do in your journey to find the right bar stool is to have a measurement of the counter on the table that the bar stools will be used in. This will give you a great idea about which size bar stools are required for your project. Bar stools that are too high or too low for the counter the table would be an impractical toy and you will have to go through the trouble of having to exchange them once you have made the purchase.

Bar stools come in a height varying from 24 inches to 30 inches. Therefore, be sure that you are aware of getting the right size.

Think about the comfort

When someone is spending time in your kitchen or the bar that you are designing, it is important that they feel comfortable. This is why you have to check for the comfort levels of the stools that you are getting. You will find these stools in different designs such as with or without arms, with a backrest, etc. Think about the type of stool which matches the comfort levels that you are after and even the look that you are expecting to gain from it.

What is your budget?

Bar stools also come in different price ranges. Thinking about the ideal price that you can spend on the bar stools will also help you in making your decision. You can check out the range available and narrow down the options that you have depending on the budget.


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