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What Materials Can Be Used for A Pool Fence?


A pool fence can be made from various types of materials. It depends on your preference and what sort of purpose you need to achieve. Since a pool fence is a mandatory requirement to ensure safety and privacy different materials could be used accordingly.

However, if you are planning on constructing a pool or need some knowledge on the different materials available this is for you. You can pick from the below options that all provide ideal pool fences that are suitable for you.


This is a removable installation and is the most commonly used pool fence. It comes in various colours such as black or dark green and is durable, convenient and long lasting. It is quite common as it is considerably cheaper than all the other materials.

Chain link

A chain link is rows of chains connected to posts that are secured around the pool. There are usually gaps between the links that do not give off a very crowded look. Chain links are usually made out of steel but are prone to rust due to weather if not maintained constantly.

It is also higher in cost than a mesh and will only provide limited protection. If you are trying to secure your pool from children or even pets and other animals a chain link does not suffice due to the gaps or ability to climb over, it is easy to creep between them or over them. It works better as appearing like a barricade than actually being one.

Wrought iron

Similar to gate structure, wrought iron can be made as a pool fence. Made from iron it not only looks sturdy but also can be constructed to look neat as well as aesthetically pleasing. This type of fence does provide privacy as the thickness of the bars can be made to your need.

However, in terms of protection there are a few concerns. It will have to be of a certain height to ensure kids cannot climb over. Since it is iron it is prone to rust and may not be suitable when there is lightning. If you live in an area frequented by rain and lightning you might want to use a different material. If you do pool fence inspections the height, thickness and actual safety of using wrought iron will be evaluated.

Wooden structure

A wooden pool fence is ideal if you want the space around the pool to look pleasing to the eye. However, with the thickness of the slabs it does not provide a visual advantage. It works great to keep people or animals away from the pool area but if you need to watch your kids from a distance away, wood may not be the best solution.

These are only a few of the possible options available. Although there are pros and cons to both, these materials can be used for fences. You will have to decide which material serves the purpose best with the least number of disadvantages.


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