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Deciding Which Wall Art to Hang


If you are not an Art major or a museum curator, chances are you feel insecure deciding which wall art to hang in your home. You are thinking you might be judged by your taste or how uncultured you are with the choice of artworks. Of course, you must not be bothered by these thoughts because what you want is what’s important.

But if you are searching for inspiration or some tips and tricks on deciding which wall art to hang, read on. After all, wall arts are necessary because they always draw our eyes to look at them, it makes your home truly unique and an extension of your personality and they could provide a vibrant pop of colour to make a home or a room lively.

Choose Wall Art with The Same Style

In order for you not to overwhelm guests or even you and your family, choose wall art that is of the same style. If you have been collecting vintage posters, then make most of the wall art as posters. If you are a fan of paintings, go and purchase paintings, preferably in the same painting technique (abstract, modernism, impressionism, realism, etc.)

If you prefer Stuart Cantor prints then decorate your home with these prints. Although there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching the different types and styles of wall art, just make sure though that they complement one another instead of clashing ones.

Choose Wall Art with The Same Colour

Some colours go together and there are colours that should not be combined with one another because it could be painful to look at. When you choose wall art with the same colour, you also have to consider the colour of the walls where these art pieces would be hanged. In order for you not to choose clashing colours, you could check a colour wheel to see which colours go together.

If your preferred art features numerous colours, choose one that is more dominant and use this as reference for another artwork and for the colour of the wall. If the room where you plan to hang the wall art is already colourful, stick to art that is black and white or in neutral, subdued colours.

Choose Wall Art by Size

When you have a wall that is empty and you plan to have it as an accent wall, you could paint it with colour that is different than the other three walls. Or you could hang artworks depending on the size. If you buy an oversized wall art, this could serve as a focal point and do not overdo it by purchasing or hanging other art works.

 If you prefer a large one, you could put it in the centre and balance it with two small art pieces on each side. But if you have several artworks to hang choose small ones and pair them with group of three or six.

However, you want your art, the most important thing is that it makes your home and or room inviting, or as a reflection of who you are.


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