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How to Amp up Your Living Space?


It’s definitely high time to be re-decorating your living space if walking into it doesn’t instantly relax your mind. Over the years, it’s easy for things to go outdated, wear down and get cluttered but when this starts happening to your living room, you’ll need to be ready to spice things up again. This is a main focal point of the house so it’s incredibly important that at least this part of the house remains impeccable! Here are some of the best tips we can give you on how to liven up your space:

A Fresh Coat

This might seem like a drastic step but it is a proven hack to completely transform an entire space. What’s more is that it’s incredibly low budget and a rather simple method to utilize. Choose your coat of paint carefully- if your room was feeling cluttered before, you might want to lean towards a lighter, more neutral colour that will balance out the room rather than adding more noise.


There are so many modern lighting options to splurge on that it’s easy to get carried away! But remember you don’t have to go through a major shift in fixtures throughout the house. The devil is in the details and by refreshing the more minor things; you stand a chance of noticing a better change overall. For example, an outdated lamp can weigh down the entire room and just collect dust in a corner. Up your game and invest in a large round tapered lamp shade


Like this article has been highlighting all along, massive changes don’t have to be made. By simply changing up your accent pieces, you can create a whole new look for your space. Use new patterns for your rug or switch out your throw pillows. Add in different textures and colours to your fabrics to liven up your space. You could even invest in new artwork or ornaments!


For those homeowners struggling with small space issues, it would help to use versatile furniture to decorate the room. For example, you could make use of a coffee table with interior storage or even a couple of stools that can double as side tables. In small spaces, it’s all about lessening the clutter and utilizing what you do have to the fullest. So make sure you have the furniture to do just that.

Rustic Charm

Many trends come and go but vintage charm and antiquities are something that will never go out of style. Going for vintage furniture such as a sofa set or coffee table would instantly bring a whole lot of depth to your room. The key is to have the right balance between modern elegance and antiquated charm. The occasional placing of antiques and rustic décor will pair wonderfully with more updated fixtures against a crisp coat of paint.

These are key details that will definitely amp up your space. They may be minor but trust us; they will do the trick just fine!

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