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What Can Affect A Home’s Selling Price?


If you’re selling your home, there are numerous things that could affect the price of the property. Below, we’ll be discussing some of these things. So, keep reading.

Bad Plumbing

No one wants to live in a home with bad plumbing. It affects your quality of life, making living in the home difficult as you’re always dealing with things like bad water pressure.

Not only is it difficult to live with but can be very dangerous. If your home has faulty plumbing, it could be leaking water into your walls. At first, this wouldn’t be an issue but the excess humidity in the walls could be fatal.

It would cause mold to grow inside of it, especially the dangerous kind. If black mold starts growing, your family would be done for.

Along with such dangers, you can see if the home has faulty plumbing- most of the time. Frankly, no one wants to buy a home that looks like this.  Thankfully names like your choice reliable plumbers are specialized in covering up such imperfections.


Pests will disintegrate your chances of selling your home for a high price. If you have pests loitering across your property, you need to tend to them before you bring buyers onto the premises.

Thankfully, you can easily achieve this with the aid of an exterminator. From rats to cockroaches, he’ll get rid of them so don’t worry.

If you have pests inside the home, he can remedy this as well. However, he’ll have to fumigate,  making you leave your home for quite a while until he’s done.

Bad Foundation

You may think your home is sturdy but it may not be. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know until you hire someone to inspect your property. Now, this is exactly what a buyer would do as getting a home inspected is the wisest thing you can do before you purchase it.

With property on a bad foundation, you not only would be selling your home for lower than the price you’re expecting but you’ll have violated land laws. Various councils have deemed it legal to have such foundations, making your home have to be torn down.

Frankly, there’s nothing you can do if you’re stuck with such a home.

Lack Of Amenities

The lack of amenities will significantly alter your selling price. As you can imagine, having luxuries on the premises will allow you to sell it for much more than what it’s worth. This is especially true for a pool.

Therefore, if you don’t have any of these, you can expect your home to not be sold for as much as it could be.

Bad Neighborhood

Along with a bad foundation, a neighborhood that matches will doom your selling price. What’s worse is, there’s nothing you can do about this factor.

Even if you have the perfect home, the fact that it’s located where it is would diminish its value.

If you consider the above points, you’ll see that unfortunately, there are many ways you can affect the selling price of your home. Hopefully, this article would help as it guides you through the many ways you can increase its value up.

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