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5 Features to Consider When Building Your Dream Home


There’s so many things to keep in mind when building your new home up from scratch- so many possibilities to make your house unique and it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed in the fantasy of it all. You might already have your own preferences set aside, but here are some of our personal favourites in terms of features that add both incredible value to your home and make it look really good in the process!


Your choice in flooring could save you a lot of hassle several years down the line. In high traffic areas, especially the kitchen, there’s a lot of wear on the floor and this definitely weakens and gives way if you don’t choose sturdy materials. A concrete flooring is one of the most durable choices on the market you can make with the added bonus of being affordable. Download the colour card to see your options and identify what type of flooring will go best with the home you’re building up.


Many overlook the height of their ceiling but do not underestimate the power of high ceilings. The difference between a mere 6” and 8” would blow you away and makes all the difference between a luxurious outlook and a more homely setting. So if you want that added inch of dramatic flair, you’ll splurge a little on the length of your ceiling. You’ll be able to complete the effect with your wall art and fixtures.

Cabinet Lighting

A more up and coming trend in accent lighting is the soft lighting that outlines that of your cabinets. Cabinet lighting can be added later through adhesive strip lighting but building it in makes the effect more bright and overall looks far better. Not only is this quite an aesthetically charming feature but it’s quite a functional one too when working long hours in the kitchen.

Sprinkler Systems

If you’re a working individual with a love for plants, you’ll know how hard it is to find time to give them a bit of that tender, loving care with an exhaustive work routine. Installing a sprinkler system is an incredible feature to consider to see to your lawn without you having to lift a finger. Your lawn can be as great as Susan’s down the street with minimal hassle.

The Garage

You’ll never regret making your garage bigger than it has to be. If you can’t go for a two car garage then consider even expanding even two or three feet in either direction because this makes a significant difference. Not only do you park your car here but all your other tools, your bicycle and essentially all other appliances that take too much space in the house eventually find their way here. So have an expanded garage for the sake of storage- it will definitely come in handy years down the line.

These are the most functional and aesthetic features you could consider when building your dream home. Trust us, not only will they make your house look amazing but you’ll be sporting some invaluable functionality at the end of the day too!

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