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Hottest Interior Trends You Must Try


Believe it or not, we all possess that inner interior designer who is waiting for that one opportunity to show off. Well, it is time to wake up your inner ID because we are going to tell you about the hottest ID trends that will get you excited.

Interior designing trends revolve in a cycle. The same trends that were lost a couple of centuries ago and playing a massive role in this industry. And guess what? Everybody loves it. Stone and neutral colors didn’t seem fancy enough back then, but now it is in trend.

The constant switch between color palettes, the very sudden trend of having a massive stone as a centerpiece, constant change of fabrics and pattern styles and how extravagance is now basic. Well, these mind-blowing styles get us worried and excited. Worried, why? Because our interior décor can become outdated. Excited, why? Because we are secretly loving it.

Let’s check out some of the most popular ID trends that are trending right NOW!


Let’s start with textiles. Textiles continue to infiltrate our personal spaces, from rugs to beddings, to upholstery to throws to curtains, including the hanging of distinguished textile arts. Concrete is transforming our kitchens, bathroom and public spaces. Bio-resins and hybrid materials are now designed in a more sophisticated way so that are no longer just pale imitations. And wood is yet the most commonly used material.

Our advice: Use a variety of materials in your house. Example: if you prefer wood. Use a variety of woody materials to provide a twist of nature.

Surface Trends

What do you say shiny or matte surfaces? Honestly, we just can’t choose anymore. The texture is the key component of a successful material. Concrete is rough, textiles are soft, ceramics are porous and metallic have patina. And wood is grainy, shiny, matte-y and absolutely wonderful-y. For a change of color, you might want to consider painting it or maybe incorporating some decoration on it.

Our advice: It’s always best to have both shiny and matte surfaces in your home. Why? It provides a variety and generally looks much more appealing.

Personalized Décor

At the end of the day, humans naturally like to find peace and solace in their inner circle. This is why personalized décor is important and is the best kind of décor. Personalized décor is unique and different. You create your own sanctuary anywhere you wish to. PD is all about creating an atmosphere where you feel most comfortable and consoled, where you can find peace and focus clearly, it is where you heal and where you find happiness and pleasure. Check out some of the gold coast furniture stores for some inspiration.

Color Palettes

There was a time when neutral was considered boring and golden hues were considered as grand, both color palettes have changed the way we think. Neutral is no longer boring and gold is no longer grand. There so many color palettes out there.

Jewel tones, rich tones, woody tones, neutral tones, monochromatic, dual color palettes. The tricky part is how cohesive it is. All the hues in your color palette must complement each other and that shows its success rate. Apart from the trends mentioned above, greenery has also proved its worth in this industry. Doesn’t everything get a little brighter and natural with a touch of nature? Well it is doing its job

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