Home Improvement — February 12, 2019 at 1:45 pm

How To Make Your Kitchen More Functional


As every homeowner has probably experienced, the kitchen tends to be the room that gets cramped and cluttered so easily. This leaves the house owner usually researching storage tips or remodeling ideas; any method that could maximize their kitchen efficiency and have it looking more spacious. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best steps you can take to make your kitchen more functional.

Vertical Space

First things first, find opportunities to maximize your vertical space because there’s only so many cupboards you can install horizontally. Do yourself a favor, go shopping and buy a vertical storage system complete with shelving and railings. This way, you can have your countertops free and your rack complete with utensils and dishware will be well within easy reach.

The Fridge

Usually you’d find even the smallest of space around your fridge- has it ever occurred to you that you could use those slivers of space for storage? For example, you can install a rolling wooden pantry in those spaces where you store canned goods and other kitchen essentials.

Double Duty Splashback

If you’re worried about what to choose, Don’t get ripped off and call us at USM to get your splashback installed. This is the perfect way to prevent your walls from those dreaded spills and splashes. You can also get yourself a double duty splashback with a pegboard attached to hang your tools as well. Most of the time, you’ll have to come up with out of the box solutions such as these to maximize your storage efficiency.

Foldable Tables

You can use foldable tables to both prepare your meals while also using it to eat them. Foldable tables, attached to the wall, also allow you to pack the furniture away and create more space to walk around as and when needed.


Using curtain rods above the countertop or in other areas where there’s wall space is a great way to hang more of your tools.

Using Nearby Rooms

If you have an excess of tools, canned items or other nonperishable kitchen items, and there’s either no more kitchen storage or you don’t want to spend on remodeling, you can always use a nearby niche or closet space to store them. You can draw a curtain across it to keep it out of sight when having guests over.

Corner Spaces

Many corner spaces in homes are underutilized probably because they require a little more effort in tailor-making shelves but just have a wooden shelf custom fitted across to store your tools. It can give your house a quirky look but it adds to the charm.

Untapped Space

The space behind the baseboard of the cabinets too can be remodeled to be put to good use. They may be small drawers but it’s additional storage space nonetheless. Similarly, look for other slivers of space that you can make use of.

These are easy ways to make your kitchen more functional. It takes a little imagination but look at your kitchen from a new perspective and you’ll find the space!

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