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How to Beat the Heat and Keep Your Home Cool?


It is not always warm all year round but when those warmer months come by it feels as though the heat is there to stay (and also there to roast you alive). And normally our instinct is to turn on the air conditioning and have it at its lowest temperature, knowing that we are going to have to pay a hefty electric bill by the end of the summer months. But there are more simple ways to keep the house and yourself cool without cranking up the air-conditioning and here are some tips to help you beat the heat:

Blinds and Curtains

Blinds are a simple but genius way by which you can keep your house cool. The heat that comes in from your windows can really make the house extremely warm, especially if you have windows that face the South and West. Once the heat gets in, it basically converts your home into a greenhouse and so your home will now be hotter inside than it is outside. So make use of your blinds and curtains if you want to lower the temperature inside your home. Blinds and curtains can effectively shut out the sun and create a sort of insulation for your home, thus keeping it cool despite the heat.

Get a Fan

Nothing can mimic a cool ocean breeze like a fan can. It is so simple and also a whole lot cheaper than using a gas-guzzling air conditioning unit. You can get an array of celing fans online in whatever colour and size you want. But if you do not have the funds, time or renovation skills to get one put on your ceiling then just buy a normal standing or wall fan. If you want to stay extra cool, then get some ice, place it in a worn-out towel or thin cloth and put it in front of the metal cage that holds the blades so when the blades spin you get a super cool and refreshingly misty breeze.

Seasonal Sheets

When you are sleeping at night is when the heat can really get to you. Most people wake up drenched in sweat because their thick bed sheets have been trapping in their own body heat through the night and so made sleeping very difficult for them. If you want to keep cool, then swap out the thick winter bedding for lighter and more breathable thin cotton bedding. The lighter your bedding, the better you will sleep during the summer months. Even your mattress and pillows may cause your body heat to stay trapped in the bed so chose pillows and mattresses that allow you to breathe easy.

Now you should be able to enjoy the warmer months without drowning in sweat or choking from the almost claustrophobic heat. If you follow some of these tips you can make your life during the summer months just a little bit more bearable. You can enjoy all seasons all year round and remain as cool as a cucumber even it feels like it is a desert outside.

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